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ZEBEC Enjoy life.   Fulfil your dream.   Zebec Boats, which consist of around 150 boat models, all pass through an ISO system.   Zebec brand boats are being exported via OEM to over 50 countries worldwide.   Zebec's history has consisted of an endless pursuit of developing boats and related parts and accessories.    Zebec holds the most number of molds in the world and develops even now at least 10 new parts and accessories each year.    Zebec holds more than 200 molds and nearly all the parts are manufactured in our own plants.   All of Zebec's parts and accessories are cold resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, and UV ray protective.   And of course all our glues and heat welding are among the best in the industry.

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Fishing is part sport, part passion,  and  part  just  plain  fun.  Why dont you enjoy fishing with one of our Fishing Boats? With them, you will find the ideal fishing boat that meets your need and in which you can enjoy the out of doors.

Our Fishing boats  have  been field tested extensively on remote rivers ad lakes all over the world.  They are designed for  easy  and  convenient  fishing.  The  low  centered seat platform of 250WS and 265KO allows for effective kicking with fins to move the boat along.

With  our  fishing  boats, you  will  become dedicated to the art of fishing,  and can go any place, anytime.