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ZEBEC Enjoy life.   Fulfil your dream.   Zebec Boats, which consist of around 150 boat models, all pass through an ISO system.   Zebec brand boats are being exported via OEM to over 50 countries worldwide.   Zebec's history has consisted of an endless pursuit of developing boats and related parts and accessories.    Zebec holds the most number of molds in the world and develops even now at least 10 new parts and accessories each year.    Zebec holds more than 200 molds and nearly all the parts are manufactured in our own plants.   All of Zebec's parts and accessories are cold resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, and UV ray protective.   And of course all our glues and heat welding are among the best in the industry.

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The patented Bug Series is quick and responsive
The   Bugs  are  boats  with  a  new concept.  Looking down from the top, they look like a raft. Looking up from  the  bottom,  they  look like a cataraft with a high floor.   We combined the best  features of both the raft and the cataraft together in one boat, and the Bugs were created.

The  Bugs  have  the  speed,  maneuverability,  and  surfing performance of a cataraft, while at the same time providing  the  comfort,  convenience,  and  splash  protection of  a raft.  The  Bugs  are  appropriate for experienced  rafters  for  use on Class III - Class IV + rivers.  The variety of sizes and the speed of the Bugs also makes them a dream for families or small groups to use on slower and milder rivers.

We constructed  the  huge  main  tubes  26  in diameter,  diminishing to  16 at the bow and stern,  with a minimal  number  of  seams.  Then  we  mounted the heavy - duty, super tough, 4000 denier Standard Floor, 14 up from the bottom of the tubes, up in the middle of the Super Bugs.

The Sport Bug(SPB14) - A Raft and a Transom sport boat combined
The  Sport  Bug  is  great  for lakes,  calm or  whitewater rivers,  or any combination in one trip. The Sport Bug  has  up  to  three  thwarts  for  paddling  or it can be equipped with a row frame.  Put a motor on this versatile  craft and you have a sport boat. You can use it on a whitewater river through the rapids with the motor up, and then enjoy a power boat ride on the flat water. A 9.9 hp motor is the largest recommended for use on whitewater  and  with  experienced  rafters only. On lakes or flat water, a 20 hp motor provides excellent speed.